Martin Helm, Sonja van der Burg, Let Bijkersma 1986

Nouveau Nihilism became acutely aware of its existence through the collaboration of the artists Let Bijkersma, Martin Helm and Sonja van der Burg.Its manifestations in space/time are but a paper trail.Some examples are given on this site.A manifesto was produced and subsequently eaten. Visitors to the event were invited to join in the feast…Its inception led to its inevitable, irrefutable and immediate conclusion:

Nothing is real.

Nouveau Nihilism is an ongoing process, but you will not find it when you look for it.Yet it is always there, subtly building in strength, like an underground earthquake, blending in with nature.

Such is its destiny.

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  1. september 1985 Schottenburgh invasion
  2. 1985-1986 the Song project
  3. Performance for Arts
  4. In Suspended Animation 1(Martin Helm)
  5. 1986 Jour de l’An
  6. Mantis (Let Bijkersma)
  7. Sugar/UniverseElle (Sonja van der Burg)
  8. june 1986 Initiations
  9. September 1986  object at Ruigoord
  10. 28/29 october 1986 No show video performance
  11. december 1986 “On the Threshold of…”
  12. new year warning
  13. Nouveau Nihilism book
  14. 1987 Explorations: Trapped Stranger…
  15. 1987 Where the Green Dream ends book
  16. 1989 “De Tentoonstelling”

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