plastic hoop, black plastic (several layers), acrylic paint, globe, cassette player, soundtrack, ‘goody’   dimensions  260 x 100 x 100 cm


The unveiling of ‘No Fantasy, No Reality’


At the opening the object just stood there, a shiny black column of plastic foil.

The artist distributed the goody ‘Nothing/Everything’ to start the initiation.

The first action was to cut through the top layer, which revealed a second layer on which was painted an impression of waves on water. On this was stenciled the text: ‘No Fantasy, No Reality’. The second action was to cut through this layer, encountering a third sheet of plastic foil, painted and stenciled with the text: ‘Inner Worlds revealed’.

The third action was to tape back the previous layers, and cutting through this last layer, revealing the Globe, a realistic impression of the earth hanging in space. All actions were accompanied by the soundtrack ‘Initiations Incantations’, which played through the performance from a tape deck within the installation.

The artist then distributed the ‘goody’ ‘Nothing on your Mind…’ to the attendants, who received it in good cheers.


Three page leaflet, stapled, postcard size, edition of 50

front page   photocopy on paper,  water-colour

page two   photocopy on paper,  watercolour

page three   photocopy on paper, pencil signature and edition number


the official invitation

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