Fools on Parade


Sometimes called ‘Parade’ or simply ‘Everymask’, the video ‘EveryMask will be famous for 15 seconds’ is nouveau Nihilism at its most hysterical.

It features the portraits Martin Helm had painted on triangular board for his ‘Groundstation’-project, but here they are actually used as masks by the Nouveau Nihilists. The video has no beginning or end. It is a parade of spontaneous interpretations of the anonymous individuals depicted in the paintings, stimulated by their instant impression.

The hypnotic soundtrack hammers in the continuous repetition of the passing Fools, sounds from the animal farm and racing cars enriching the fore- and background.

 Martin Helm: ”After shooting this video and presenting it publicly, I simply couldn’t go back and finish the ‘Groundstation’-object anymore. The original idea had instantly become obsolete. The paintings had become individuals again, in a sort of unexpected archetypal way. They became comical, tragical, but their primary use as objective  subject matter was completely shattered.

To me this video symbolises the surrender of Art to Nouveau Nihilism.”


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