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the Song Project

Song project Mixing diagram


In 1985 the Nouveau Nihilsits sent out a request, through the Afzet mail art magazine, for ‘a minute of your voice’.

The following artists participated:

dr.Klaus Groh  “I Make me Double”

Robin Crozier “Song for Sonja”

Dor Benditz “Phantom of Delight”

Hapunkt Fix “Neoist Festival”

Ruud Janssen (TAM)  “Recorded Life 23- 7 – ‘85”

Heer Peejee  “Nou-cursus”

Torben Ulrik Sørensen “Theatrage Tralala Theatrage Tralelo”

Margot van Oosten “Un-transformed Bloch and Friends”

Jeremy Sutton  “Shout ‘Illy Lace”

Barry Edgar Pilcher  “Shadows leap eternal”

Anke Mensink  “Troubled Woman’s Blues”

Sandra Tivy  “5 Minute Tape/Words and Music”

Arno Arts  “Remember their Names”

Jonas Wille  “I want to Drink some More”

Their contributions, or fragments thereof, were mixed into the ‘Song-Project’. The mix, as well as all contributions, were recorded onto a cassette tape and sent to all participants.

The recordings were played during the Schottenburgh exhibition in Amsterdam.


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