the second book by the Nouveau Nihilists.

Simultaneous writing and drawing. Results captured in a book.

Writing on the walls, framed.


the cover of ‘Where the Green Dream Ends’, unfolded.  Edition: 25 books. Photocopy on glossy paper, acrylic paint.  25 x 35 cm


The Pages: Photocopy on paper, A4 folded, rubber stamped address on last page, edition number in pencil


Simultaneous Writing

A number of stories would circulate. the would be no discussion. Each one of the Nouveau Nihilists would write one sentence or sentence fragment, and pass the story on, immediately starting on the next story given to her/him.

An example of simultaneous writing: ‘Everything Happens’

the handwriting of Martin Helm, Sonja van der Burg and Let Bijkersma respectively

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Simultaneous Drawing:

A number of drawings would circulate, the Nouveau Nihilists would draw on each sheet simultaneously and constantly, rotating the paper, filling in spaces, working out details.

A number of details from these drawings have been turned into three-dimensional works which were shown in the exhibition ‘Trapped Stranger…’


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