an object named ‘Taken Wings’

‘Taken Wings’ at the Silo Gallery


Originally designed around 1989, the object was to be part of the exhibition ‘the Toy Shop’, which was part of the Nouveau Nihilist ‘de Tentoonstelling’ (december 1989).

It consists of a model and a large paper backdrop.

‘Taken Wings’ is based on a scale model of the fuselage of a Boeing 747, but it was given the wings of a bat. The size of the wings of the original model corresponded beautifully with those of the batwings, forming a believable hybrid between animal and machine.

The artist then gave the object a coating of silver leaf, which started oxidizing to a silvery black over the years.

 Polaroid shots of the unfinished object, plaster and gesso on plastic, metal frame.


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