The Statement Wall at the exhibition

The painting itself is a composite of numerous images painstakingly copied with airbrushed acrylic paint from tiny Super-8 movie frames.The frames were enlarged on a scanner, printed on paper and composed into the final image, which consists of different sized and shaped frames or ‘panels’. These ‘panels’ were then projected on a large paper sheet, in the configuration of the composite image.

The artist worked on one ‘panel’ at a time, the rest of the paper being covered off with masking tape and paper templates. During the process of painting the work had no coherence, as only a fragment of the total image was seen and copied.

Only after the last template was removed was the full painting exposed.

This process, by the way, was used in the entire series of multy-paneled paintings exhibited in ‘Mysterium Tremendum’.

The painting ‘Statement’, as exhibited in ‘Mysterium Tremendum’, consists of several parts.

It is backed by a wide frame, on which have been glued, in random order, numerous pages cut form a bible. Many of the pages have been marked to emphasize the content. All texts deal with the role of women in the Holy Scriptures.

the Frame

bible pages and marker pen on mdf-panels, 165x 255 cm


‘Statement’ has its so called ‘‘image-echo’ in the boxed multiple, presented in a small edition at the exhibition.The image is a photograph of a bouquet of roses, bound together with a rope. The images were individually titled with chapter titles from ‘Imitation de Jesus Christ’


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