Large Triptych

Large Tiptych   1982

acrylic on canvas 200 x 300 cm

Martin Helm working on the Large Triptych.

The first action is the blocking in of all the black areas with a paintbrush. The main purpose is orientation: The image is emerging slowly from a chaotic pattern of fine pencil lines from the projection phase. The next phase is blocking in some main colours. Subsequently other colours are airbrushed transparently over these layers, creating a rich colour texture. In pictures like ‘Large Triptych’, the artist is not concerned with realism, or illusionistic issues like depth of field, atmosphere, foreground/background or perspective. It remains an abstract painting throughout the entire process. Only the finished painting will reveal a slightly out of focus image resembling a crowd of people. At no point in the process is the artist aware he is painting persons, people, a specilfic human being.


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