the installation



the installation in an imaginary landscape


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Nine large equilateral triangles, cut from paper, hang suspended from a wooden construction.

In five layers they fill a lozenge-shaped space through which a spectator can wander.

One surface – the back – of each triangle is covered in uniform colours, washed in acrylic paint  with broad gestures, the other side bears an airbrushed image derived from a Polaroid photo taken from a television screen.

Except for the first layer of paintings, none of the images can be discerned in its entirety unless one walks through the array to take a close up view. And at close quarters the images are fuzzy, out of focus, uncomfortably large. Turning around, one is confronted with large surfaces covered in strong primary colours.

The overall impression is one of mild claustrophobia, like moving through a multicoloured geometric jungle.

‘Shaken to the Bone’ is an analogy. It attempts to trace a particular experience. Not through time, but through levels of consciousness. Hereby it makes use of newly found symbols as well as archaic ones, reflected in the choice of materials: Paper and acrylic paint, gold and silver leaf, wood, steel, paint brush and airbrush.


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