total dimensions: 310 x 280 x 200 cm


The centrepiece of ‘What are you doing to me?’ is the Stress installation. It has the formal qualities of a triptych or an altarpiece, the altar formed by an inflatable childrens’ swimming pool. In contrast to the  other works surrounding the ‘Stress installation’, this work is painted on 100 cm wide strips of canvas which, however, is not stretched on a frame but suspended from PVC tubes. The little inflatable pool is not filled with water, but has a circular sheet of perspex onto which ‘float’ silk flowers: Chrysanthemums. Under the surface of the water more flowers can be spotted.


The Polaroid photo on which the painting is based was taken from a documentary on Japanese students.

Sketch made after the painting was finished, showing the concept of the installation

ink on paper, Polaroid SX-70, masking tape 22 x 30 cm


visualizing the elaborate hanging system with disks of fluorescent pink perspex

ink on paper, approx. A4


What are you doing to me?

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