Collaboration between the artists Jan Reinhardt and Martin Helm commenced in 1992, initially on a theoretical, later on a practical level. It has sustained to this day.

Both artists share the belief that there is no such thing as an autonomous work of art..

They found that  myriad factors determine how a work is perceived, ranging from its direct surroundings, light and space, the context of its creation, to the culture in which it has been created, that culture’s history, belief systems, ideologies and expectations.

All of these factors have to be considered as becoming part of the work, muddling up, distorting or enhancing its original intentions.

The challenge consists in determining how far the artists can manipulate these influences and factors. This has become the core of their collaboration.

Through synergy a new entity developed itself: Reinhardt Helm.

The artists consider this entity a real third person, having his own logic, convictions and ways of expressing himself in their projects.

  1. In den Beginne (in the Beginning)
  2. Cella Capitalis
  3. Peristylum Capitalis
  4. Armarium Introversum
  5. Atomos
  6. Metamorphosium
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