In Suspended Animation 1

opened the So-Called Gallery in the Hague.

evening view of the installation


isometric sketch of the installation in So-Called Gallery 1985


The background wall of the So-Called gallery is covered with 156 individual painted frames from an animation film I made. In 1968 col. Frank Borman was, as commander of the Apollo 8 mission to the moon, one of the first three human beings ever to escape earths gravity. The images were copied from the projected frames of the super 8 movie celebrating the event.

In front of the animation-wall hang three paintings airbrushed on clear acetate foil. They show people leisuring under a parasol, a nepalese hunting scene, and on the animal panel a springbok jumps away from the spectator. Tthe silhouettes of B29 bombers are stencilled on all three panels.

Completing the installation is the ‘Helsinki Handshake’, a two-panel painting, also airbrushed on acetate foil, throwing ominous shadows on the side wall.


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