by Nouveau Nihilists Sonja van der Burg and Martin Helm

an object, two capes, a soundtrack, a performance, a video

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The Mission

 Arno Arts sent the following message to Sonja van der Burg. The Nouveau Nihilists took up the challenge.


the object

The object consists of a frame composed of transparent perspex tubing, conforming to the dimensions specified by Arno Arts.

In the frame five layers of transparent sheet mylar are suspended, the distance between sheets is approximately 5 centimeter.

On the first (most backward) sheet a cut-out figure of reflective acetate is mounted, into which two transformer powered lights take the place of the eyes.

The four sheets hanging in front of the figure display various aspects of the Arts, hand drawn and painted, as well as texts related to the subject matter..

For the performance the frame is placed on the stage, the Nouveau Nihilists don capes made for the purpose of transparent paper, within which colourful cut-out figures are sewn. The soundtrack is started to which all actions are timed.

One by one the sheets are placed inside the frame, in a ritualised and formal manner, untill the object is complete.

A memorial plaque is then placed in front of the object, bearing its title :’Art for Arts Sake’.

The performance ends when the Nouveau Nihilists take of their  capes, hang them on the gallery wall,  and the soundtrack runs to its end.


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