Evening view of the window-gallery, june 1986


The ‘Initiations’-event is more than an exhibition or an installation.

It gives insight into the ideas of the individual Nouveau Nihilist on art and life, and exposes their methods of working – similarities and differences – in an almost symbolic manner.

A restriction in time: The opening formed the scene of three simultaneous but separate actions. The actions are accompanied by soundtracks.

A restriction in space: The exhibition space, within which the individual space was defined (but not confined) with a hoop 80 cm in diameter, suspended from the ceiling.

Public was invited to come to the opening (sunday, june 1, 1986)

  ‘To preserve the character of an initiation ritual, the windows have been covered during the opening ceremony’.

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from left to right: Let Bijkersma, Martin Helm, Sonja van der Burg

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the official invitation

the invitation to ‘Initiations’


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